Viador Self-Service Reporting Portal for IBM z/OS 



Despite the predictions of the demise of the mainframe, users are finding that its performance, reliability, security, and manageability are more important than ever. As a result, mainframe installations are experiencing double-digit growth, and exponential additions to the data, users, and complexity they manage.  However, despite all its strengths, the mainframe environment has not had easy access to the full benefit of web-based business intelligence applications, interfaces, and the ease of use offered by non-mainframe systems. 


Viador now changes that, bringing the most advanced web-based business intelligence to leverage the mainframe environment natively.  Now, Viador for z/OS provides a native solution for easy access to data reporting and analytics to applications and data hosted on your mainframe.  Any web browser can now be a secure, interactive, graphical view to your data, using advanced tabular and graphical displays to make even the most complex data easy to understand and analyze.  All this is natively from within your z/OS system, fully leveraging all your skills and the capabilities you have come to expect from mainframe-class environments.  


Optimized for z/OS Environments

Viador Self-Service Reporting Portal for z/OS provides the powerful, flexible, paperless reporting and information delivery you need for your internal users, as well as for authorized partners.  And Viador delivers this information with no assistance necessary from your Information Technology group – completely self-service!  Viador runs natively in the z/OS environment, and securely integrates with key IBM products such as:

  • DB2
  • WebSphere
  • RACF
  • zAAP
  • zIIP


Easy, Open, Scalable Reporting Portals

Viador solutions are designed from the ground up to be Easy, Open, and Scalable.  They are proven to provide fast deployment, rapid ROI, and minimal training requirements for any user.

  • Reduces your costs
  • Improves service for your users
  • Improves report accuracy
  • Makes information more easily and securely accessible

Viador is completely web-based, so there is never any software to install on a user’s desktop, and no paper reports to ship, store, or manage.  This makes it easy to deploy, both inside the university and to trusted external users whom you authorize, such as customers, vendors, or partners.  Viador Reporting Portals solutions provide the highest level of security, so even the most sensitive data is safe from unauthorized viewing.  We make all of your data sources, documents, intranets, and web-based information visible through one secure, unified view.


ROI Benefits Throughout Your Organization 

Viador provides fast, measurable Return on Investment (ROI) benefits for multiple functional areas in your organization, for users ranging from top executives to line managers, IT, and external users:



  • Graphically understand financial/operational status and trends
  • Easily compare cost-center performance metrics
  • Pinpoint and act on critical issues



  • Provide reports faster and with less expense
  • Increase information delivery capability/decrease complexity
  • Leverage existing z/OS skills, minimize training needs


Line Managers:

  • Self-service reports provides easy information access
  • Reduces stress and administrative burden
  • Better, secure access to data directly from mainframe sources
  • Enables more timely decisions
  • More effective/efficient management