Our Products: 

Viador 8.0  

The Viador 8.0 Business Intelligence Suite enables you to apply intelligence to critical business decisions.  Our reporting tools transform the process of data discovery, analysis and report development.  By accessing the databse shcema directly, our tools can generate previews in several clicks, for faster development.  Reports can be scheduled, published and securely distributed through our BI-Portal.  
Viador provides many views into your data.  Our Report Designer tool is a SQL-viewer, that enables you too extract data exactly the way it is defined in your relational data sources.  Our OLAP Deisgner is a cube-viewer, that enables you to ineteract with the dimensions, members and measures defined in your multi-dimensional data sources. Our Information Designer empowers you to create a universal view of a data source that can be accessed from our Easy Reporter tool for ad-hoc analysis by business users. 
We specialize in interactive reports, such as drill-down tables and charts that give users the opportunity to explore and discover.  Our cube builder creates dimensional data from relational data sources (ROLAP) for interactive charts.  Once a cube is saved as a snapshot, it can be defined as an OLAP data source, and accessed from our OLAP Designer tool for mulit-dimensional, pivot-table like analysis in table or chart format.   
Viador 8.0 integrates Tomcat as a new servlet engine. The V8 Support Matrix has been updated to support the most recent database from Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, and is supports the latest operating systems from RedHat/Linux, Microsoft/Windows and Oracle/Solaris.
V8 incorporates many new features, including the following:
  • BI Explorer (BIE), for fast access to reports,
  • Integration of Apache/Lucene Search engine,
  • Form Generator to produces JSP forms to prompt users at run-time for parameters,
  • ReportBook for grouping multiple reports for printing and distribution
We also have two new web applications, packaged as stand-alone components that deploy under Tomcat or Websphere, including:
  • Analyzer, a new OLAP analysis tool
  • ReportWizard, a new SQL reporting tool